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For the Love of Hats

As a working mom, dentist and business owner, I feel like I wear many different “hats”. I wear the nurturing “hat” when I’m being a mom, the efficient yet caring “hat” when I’m chairside, and the capable, confident “hat” when interacting with my team. I don’t know about you, but I’ve learned to quickly switch “hats” and be flexible for those who need me during the day. However, when I change roles from the frenetic pace of the office to go home and be with my family, I like to do a few things to make this transition a bit smoother.

There’s nothing I like better than running through the Starbucks drive through and rewarding myself with a cup of coffee on my way home (ok I should be honest, a mocha with whipped cream on some days!) While I enjoy my coffee, I take a detour on my way home and enjoy a few minutes to myself. I often find myself driving to the graveyard where my grandfather was buried. I sit in my car read a book, sip my coffee, and decompress. The small amount of silence, the simple pleasure of a hot cup of coffee, and the wise teachings of a book help center me before I put on my next “hat” for my family.

When I can do this quick, but wonderful routine, and spend some time on my own enjoying the peace of the cemetery, it makes me a better mom, wife, and person in general. It gives me a moment to reflect on my day at the dental clinic and decide if I was at my best. Did I interact with grace and confidence in all my patient interactions? Did I lead my team effectively? Did I do what I said I was going to do? And what would I have improved on if I could do it over?

Okay, okay, I’m not suggesting you all run out to the graveyard to decompress, but I do encourage you to take sometime for yourself this week. Find a peaceful place on your way home and take a few minutes to reflect and relax. You deserve it!


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