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End of the Beginning: My Invisalign Journey Comes to a Close

I finallyreached the end of my own personal journey with Invisalign treatment. After a mere 20 weeks, I am thrilled with the changes that these clear aligners have made on my smile. Each step in the process was user-friendly (not just to me as the patient, but also the doctor!), and I felt that the outcome was incredible.

When I was younger, I was something of a guinea pig for my own dentist/dad's orthodontic experiments. He had me in braces, not once, but twice throughout my adolescence trying to improve and perfect my smile. However, in my 40's some of these skillful maneuvers succumbed to orthodontic relapse, which is a common story that I hear daily in my practice. One tooth had drifted a bit, one tooth had turned, and a space had opened up that drove me absolutely bonkers and trapped lettuce, spinach and broccoli (why is it always green veggies in there?) on a frequent basis.

Seeing how successful so many of my patients had been with their own Invisalign cases, I decided to put my belief in it out there, and do Invisalign on myself to recreate the smile of my dreams. I'm so glad that I did this for myself. It was easy and I always felt like I had a great secret (unless I wanted to share) working for me. Patients were super receptive to the notion that I was also going through this treatment, and the insights I shared with them were helpful, because I was in the "trenches" with them. As a dentist, it was a highly beneficial thing to do to improve patient communication.

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