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Why Wait until New Years?

Becoming Your Best: #Last90Days Challenge

One of my team members, Misty Boehm, office manager of New Horizons Dental Care of Lenexa, came to me in November with a request to start a Facebook group affiliated with a challenge to make the last 90 days of the year the most empowering ones of the year. Rather than waiting until the first of the year to set resolutions, as most people do, and then trying to get back on track after the craziness of the holiday season, this group wants to "flip the script" and start the year off on an elevated level, rather than at ground zero.

I was intrigued. I immediately pledged to work on becoming the best version of myself with the help of the group, This challenge is headed up by author Rachel Hollis, of "Girl Wash Your Face" fame. She promotes embracing your chaos, and gives tips to working moms who are trying to "feel centered amongst the flurry" of their busy lives. She appeals greatly to those of us who watch her daily podcasts and visit her website The Chic Site, with her irreverent style, wit, encouragement, and practical tips. In this #Last90Days Challenge, you set your own parameters for becoming the best version of yourself, in order to have an invigorated and accelerated start to the new year when it comes 90 days later. If you've been putting off those things that you know you ought to be doing, but just thought you'd wait until New Year's Day to begin, she begs the question, "why wait until then?"

Misty Boehm has been instrumental in getting a group of strong, driven women together from our organization, entitled "New Horizons Sisterhood Becoming Your Best 90 Day Challenge" and posting weekly encouraging thoughts and forwarding Rachel Hollis' blog and videos along to the group on a regular basis. She joins us today as a guest contributor to explain more about the Last 90 Days Challenge, to share how her personal experience has been, and to encourage others to join in. The full information on the Challenge is included on Rachel Hollis' website at:

Why did you create the NHDC Sisterhood 90 day challenge group?

Let’s face it life is hard and we are very busy women wearing many hats! Slowing down and really acknowledging where you are in life and living in the moment will get away from you if you do not stop and regroup sometimes. The days go by and before you know it you are not able to give your all, or are not taking the best care of yourself, to be able to give your best to the ones you love. After reading Rachel Hollis’ book Girl Wash Your Face, and then her announcing the challenge I just knew this is what our amazing tribe DESERVES! This group of women, all different in our own ways, but absolutely strong and driven deserves this challenge to take time and FLIP THAT SCRIPT!

What benefits have you personally experienced from this group and the accountability of being in a group of like-minded individuals?

It has been incredibly rewarding to be able to take time for myself as I usually take care of everybody else and then remember to sometimes fill my cup but unless I consciously make that effort I just naturally run my cup dry! It was so nice to get home at night and have a workout out of the way and dinner planned and prepared; planning is now life. I love the morning motivation she gives. Getting up earlier to begin my day completely sets the tone for the day. I also have gone crazy with buying all the books Rachel has recommended, which my husband just loves all the amazon prime boxes. An ultimate favorite is "High Performance Habits" by Brendan Burchard; it is a game changer!!!

Since we are nearly 1/2 way through the challenge, how difficult has it been to stay on track?

I wish I could say my natural habit is to stay on track-- but it isn’t. I tend to fall back into old habits and then regroup and get back on track, always realizing how much better my days were when I stayed on track. If I didn’t have time to listen to the 8:00 am Lives with Rachel, I would listen on my commute home and it was my soul food to regroup and get back on the challenge! If you take that time for yourself, you absolutely will not regret it and usually neither will your kids or husband …..happy wife happy life!!

How has the group setting been beneficial?

I loved getting what I could out of the group, any type of participation was absolutely wonderful in my book-- but I also got a few text messages from various coworkers and how one of them was doing the challenge and tuning in to the lives from her office!! The positive mojo from our friend Leanne was constant and she did not waver and that was so great!! Of course you-- Dr. Kate-- being a doctor, business owner, mom, wife, runner and doer of all keeps us ladies inspired! I also know we had HUGE Rachel Hollis fans participating, and they would text from time-to-time, keeping me motivated which was so fun to have a huge tribe locking arms and growing as women in this chaotic world.

What would you say to others who want to know more about this group? How can they be a part of it?

If you are a female and work then you need to be a part of this challenge!!! I love the investment the women from our company poured into one another to help us grow-- not just in our career, but as an individuals. You cannot put a price tag on your employer caring enough about you to help you grow and succeed in every avenue of your life so that you can give your best. I would encourage our group to continue far past the 90 days and keep going to motivate one another and help find ways to engage together in our large group of awesome women.

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