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I Graduated Dental School...Now What?

Congratulations to the 2020 dental school grads! Let's was kind of the pitts. But even if you didn't get to walk the stage during a special ceremony, don't worry - the best is yet to come!

As a new grad you're probably wondering, "What do I need to do? What do I need to know?" so I thought I would provide you with some pearls from my 18 years experience as a dentist and multi-practice owner.

1. The learning is just beginning! Comparable to building a house, right now as a graduate you have the foundation and frame work of your career, but soon the walls will go up and you'll continue learning each and every day. Be patient with yourself and open to new challenges.

2. Tap into the wealth of knowledge around you - whether from your fellow grads, some old pros, and even your own team who has probably been in the dental industry longer than you at this point. Be humble enough to ask for help.

Learn more about our dental support group, New Horizons Dental Practice Management:

3. The habits you set right now will shape your entire career. Be courageous from the very start. Don't sit and wait to gain the experience - just go for it!

4. Protect your body and strengthen it so it will support you throughout your whole career.

5. Become a Focused Dentist! Get The Focused Dentist by Dr. Guy Gross on Amazon:

I hope these tips are helpful and I wish you all the best as you begin your journey as a practicing dentist!

- kg

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