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If It Doesn't Challenge You, It Doesn't Change You

photo courtesy of Personality Development Professionalism

I had these great 2020 goals to compete in at least 3 triathlons this summer. 😬😢 But with COVID-19 that couldn’t happen, obviously. At long last, after 3 of my scheduled races cancelled, I actually got to run a real race!

My brother, my husband, and I held our breath until the very weekend of the race, just certain that they were going to cancel it at the last minute. But it happened—it really happened!!!

Lake Cheney triathlon took place and it felt SO good to be back competing. I placed #2 overall female, and #1 masters female (which basically means that I’m getting old...).

Each and every race I get so nervous beforehand, my mouth goes dry, I sweat a lot, and get jittery, and I ask myself, what is it that compels me to do this way before the crack of dawn each time?

When I cross the finish line the answer is always obvious. I love to challenge my comfort zone, break free from complacency, shift into a different state of awareness, and push myself to greater heights through the sharp clarity that mental and physical discomfort bring.

My grandma once asked me, “how much do THEY pay you to do these races?” I laughed and told her, “Gram, I pay THEM.” She just couldn’t understand how I’d willingly do that sort of thing. For some strange reason, I absolutely love the contest and ordeal of getting my body trained to go longer distances, faster, and with greater ease.

How do you challenge yourself? Is there something you do to get yourself excited or motivated to push for greater things in life?

- kg

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