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Tricks to Managing Your Kids' Treats This Halloween (from a Mommy-dentist)

Your family may be celebrating Halloween a bit differently this year, but I bet sweet, sugary, ooey-gooey candy will still be at arms reach. 🍬🍭🍫

And believe it or not, even MY kids (in a two-dentist household) get to enjoy those delectable goodies. However, here are some tricks I use to manage their treats during the Halloween season:

1. Let them splurge and eat a little more than usual on Halloween night (so they're not forming long-term sugar habits)

2. Limit the amount of time the candy can be in the house (then throw it away!)

3. (Secretly) remove some of the worst candy culprits from their bags (taffy!!)

4. Keep your child's candy in the kitchen - don't let them bring it to their rooms!

These tricks will still allow your kids to enjoy the holiday - but it will also help stop any bad/unhealthy sugar habits from forming and impacting their dental health long-term (and will save you lots of time ⏰ and money💸)

If you found these tips helpful, please share it with a parent you know!


#halloween #candy #kids #parenting #dentaltips

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