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The Power of Mindfulness

STOP scrolling and answer this question before watching: What color is a Yield Sign? 🤔

It might not be what you think at first...(watch the video above to see if you were right!)

This is an older video but I think the message is more relevant now than ever. Earlier this year (before pandemics and travel restrictions) I listened to Author Brian Biro speak at the @crowncouncil Annual Event. He spoke of mindfulness and really encouraged us to turn off the auto-pilot on our life and actively participate in it.

With life getting crazier by the day, it's SO important for us to learn to sit in the present moment, acknowledge our feelings, pay attention - and not just go through the motions.

I challenge myself everyday to practice mindfulness in my life - and I want to challenge you, too! Please share this video with anyone who can benefit from it and let me know below the ways you are challenging yourself to be present.


#mindfulness #mindful #livinginthepresent #drkatetalks #crowncouncil #motivation

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